Wednesday, November 25, 2020

What's Up Wednesday ~ November 2020

 Today I am linking up for What's Up Wednesday, November style.  

What we're eating this week..........
Obviously in light of Thanksgiving week, this week's menu looks very different from most weeks!

Monday - crab cakes, chicken, roasted veggies, mashed potatoes
Tuesday - out
Wednesday - at my sister-in-laws
Thursday - Thanksgiving
Friday - leftovers/out ??
Saturday - out 

What I'm reminiscing about........
When we didn't have to worry about quarantine, how many people were gathering and all of these current Covid restrictions.  

What I'm loving........
I am loving Christmas lights and decorations!!  I love seeing lights in yards and lights inside my own home. This will help the holiday season seem more normal.

What we've been up to...........
Basically it seems the month of November was spent celebrating my birthday!

What I'm dreading..........
Today, just trying to stay positive and not dread anything.  

What I'm working on..............
I am working on selling some old clothes, always cleaning/organizing, and looking at potential new jobs for me next year.   Any ideas for part-time, work from home jobs??

What I'm excited about...........
I am excited for a break from normal routine this Thanksgiving week! Oh, and season 2 of Virgin River will be released on Netfilx Friday!

What I'm watching/reading...........
I started off the month reading, but have slacked off these past 3 weeks.  
Some of the books I am reading are Becoming Us, Made to Crave, and The Red Tent.  I have lots more I want to read, so I need to make this a daily habit!

I do much better at watching than reading :). I am watching most of the Hallmark Christmas movies.  I am a few behind, but will catch up at sometime during the season.  I look forward to watching favorite Christmas movies with the family this season.  My husband and I have really enjoyed Schitt's Creek. We are still in season 1, but it is so funny.  

What I'm listening to..............
Y'all know I love my weekly podcasts.  I am still listening to the same ones from last month.  

I am also listening to Christmas music on XM Radio, local radio and even the TV!
My favorite is still the Gwen Stefani album and Josh Groban's "O Holy Night".  I listened to Dolly Parton's Christmas album this week and really like it too!

What I'm wearing.............
I am wearing jeans with sweaters/tops most days.  I recently bought some jeans at Wal-Mart and have been most pleased!  Here I am in a pair with my 50 birthday shirt from my sister.

What I'm doing this weekend............
This weekend we will be wrapping up a visit with family for Thanksgiving.  We are looking forward to it!

What I'm looking forward to next month............
In December, I am looking forward to the birth of a new great niece, my brother and his family coming in town for Christmas, Christmas celebrations with family and our oldest coming home from college!

What else is new................
Super thankful for the little gifts in such a hard year.  What a great time to reflect on these things.  Thank you for reading and being a blogger friend!  Wishing you and your family a happy holiday week!

Monday, November 23, 2020

Weekend Wrap Up ~ November 23, 2020

 Happy Thanksgiving Week!  

Today I am linking up with Tanya as we begin a new week.

This weekend was full of another birthday celebration (yes, I am celebrating this entire month!), Christmas decorations, church and a hot tub!

My mom and sister planned a family birthday party for me at my sister's house Friday night.  I was able to celebrate with my sister and her family and my parents.  My brother lives out of town, but I will see him Christmas.  They pulled out some old photos, memorabilia from 1970 and my sister gave me a fun t-shirt to wear!  And always a highlight, I had time with my great nieces and nephew!

I started earlier in the week decorating the house for Christmas and we put up our tree on Saturday!  I may decorate today....or later this week.  Here is phase 1....

Sunday, we went to church and then had a Thanksgiving feast with our new church family Sunday night.  We have been attending a new church plant on Sunday nights and are thankful for this group.

After church, my husband, daughter and I got in our new hot tub!  We ordered this 6 months ago and then it took 5 months for it to arrive and time for us to get it connected.  

Enjoy the day!

Friday, November 20, 2020

Friday Favorites ~ November 19, 2020

Happy Friday! Today I am linking up with Friday Favorites for a few highlights.


This week I highlighted some birthday activities, such as roller skating, a night away and an awesome 50th birthday party.


Here is a sample of some of my birthday gifts:
This is a gift from my oldest daughter....2 of my favorites...Elvis and The Office!
From my younger daughter, I got this cool book called The Story of my Life.  It has writing prompts throughout to write your life story.  This is right up my alley and I will treasure it.  I also got a new beauty blender :).
I received this fruit arrangement from my in-laws and it was beautiful and delicious!

I also received candles, beauty products and a few other things from friends this past week and a half.  


Art Instagram Account

Go follow this art account on instagram.  This is the most recent post which is a drawing of a photograph.  She is so talented! @brookbridgesart


And if you need a laugh this week........
Have yourself a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tuesday Talk ~ 50th Birthday Party Decor

 Today I am linking up for Tuesday Talk and am talking about my 50th birthday party.  

With this being an unusual year for gatherings, we wondered how to celebrate and decided to invite 8 couples over to our home.  We had a friend and my daughters help with decorating and I prepared the food, thanks to Costco!  It was so fun to be with friends and they were all happy to have an event.  We were able to stay on our back porch for most of the night and had grouped chairs together so that people would feel safe.  My daughters helped serve the food and I tried to be creative with serving of the food.  It was a super fun night!

I have admired the balloon garlands and my husband surprised me with this creation that was on our front porch.

Blowing out birthday candles, safely :)
Now to the decorations....
Throughout the house, we had flowers and pictures.

It was great weather and we had a fire inside.
The food was served on our dining room table.
Here are pictures from our back porch.  We had a dessert table and a drink station out here.
Dessert table....
Drink station....
Sweet friends brought some gifts for me as well.
I am thankful for a fun night of celebrating!

Monday, November 16, 2020

Weekend Wrap UP ~ Birthday/Elvis/Wedding Edition

 Last week I had a birthday and we have had days on days of celebrating and it's been so fun.  And actually, I have a 2 more family celebrations in the next 2 weeks as well.  Today and tomorrow, I will highlight some of the activities, so lots of photos coming up here!  Linking up with Tanya today.

My birthday began with a leisurely morning at home and my husband made me breakfast.

My daughter was out of school for Veteran's Day. so the 3 of us went to my favorite Mexican restaurant.
Then the girls did a little birthday shopping.
That night, my husband and I went to dinner and the food was great.  I had salmon with crab meat on top!
I indulged in this delicious dessert.  Calories don't count on birthdays, do they?
A great gift that night was our college girl came home!

The next day, she helped me do some grocery shopping then after my youngest finished school, we had a family day of roller skating.   Actually, just about an hour and a half because we were worn out pretty quickly!  I had once wanted to rent a skating rink for a party, but we decided to just do a family skate and it was perfect and so fun.  I use to do this on weekends when I was much younger.

That evening, my husband planned a staycation for us at The Guest House, which is a hotel next door to Graceland.  A quick little back story, Elvis was my first concert, I worked at Graceland as a tour guide while in college and we renewed our vows at the Graceland chapel on our 10 year wedding anniversary.
They had a staircase that is a replica of the one in Graceland.

All of that was just honestly last Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday night, I had a birthday party, which I will highlight tomorrow.  Come back and check out the beautiful decorations!

Saturday night, we attended the wedding of my nephew.
My husband and daughters
Wedding date :)
My great-niece
My nephew, the groom
My beautiful sister and I

I'm going to leave today's wrap up here and will share party pictures tomorrow.
Happy Monday!

What's Up Wednesday ~ November 2020

  Today I am linking up for What's Up Wednesday, November style.   What we're eating this week.......... Obviously in light of Thank...