Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday, My Favorite Vacation Edition

Today focuses on my favorite vacation.  Well, y'all know I love to travel.  I have since I was a small child & we took vacations every summer.  I remember asking for a road map when I was 12 years old for Christmas & use to plan family trips, like almost down to the minute.  I am not too far from that now when I travel!  I worked for Delta Air Lines for 1 year, then was a travel agent for about 10 years.  I have been blessed to travel a good bit, but there are so many more places I would like to see! To think about my favorite vacation doesn't come too easy.  Instead of a favorite vacation, I will highlight some of my favorite places.

First, my favorite city in the world, New York City. My first trip to NYC I remember was in summer of 1983.  I was starstruck by the city & starstruck by meeting some celebrities. Every trip afterwards has been great.  I try to do one new thing each time I go now.  I have been countless time & I am still energized each time I go.
Isabella's 1st trip to NYC in 2007

The girls there in June 2013, Brook's first trip

My Dad & I in Times Sqaure

Another place I am energized is Disney World.  I always enjoy trips there & it is fun now to experience that with my own kids.

November 2009
I was so excited this day.  It was my 39th birthday & we made it at the gates a few minutes before the park opened.  That is huge for our family!

I always loved Brook's expression seeing the castle for the 1st time!
(She had been once before when she was under 2, but didn't remember the park.)

The stars of the show

This picture was from January 2011.  Avery says we need a 5 year break time between trips.  We will be returning this fall, so we will be 2 months from making it 5 years.

Another favorite travel activity is taking a cruise.  I am always up for that :).  My last cruise was with my mom, sister, & niece.  One thing that made that so fun was that it was such a last minute trip!
Here is my sister & I on that cruise 

Another fun cruise was one Avery & I took from NYC.  It was a wonderful moment I wanted to bottle up forever....leaving on a cruise out of my favorite city!  I was standing on a cruise ship looking at the skyline of NYC on one side & the Statue of Liberty was in view when I looked off the other side of the ship. It doesn't get much better for me...or maybe a Disney Cruise out of NYC :)!  Here some pictures from some other cruises:

I am loving Brook's hair in this photo!

And as y'all know, we absolutely loved our time in Europe last year.  There are past blog posts with pictures from that trip as well.

A few other more favorites:  camping with my family & friends at Village Creek State Park (this use to be a yearly Easter tradition);  Boone/Blowing Rock, NC;  Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky; Washington, DC;  Seattle, Washington; Las Vegas with my sister: and even homeschool conferences in Dallas, Cincinnati & Nashville.

Our group riding in the back of Avery's truck at Village Creek State Park

Getting ready for the annual Easter Egg hunt


These kids loved playing on the dirt hill!

Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky
This was a family favorite of mine, because it was one of the first things we did just the 4 of us for a vacation.

My girls :)

Washington, DC
October 2013

I am thankful for each travel opportunity in the past, present & future.  Happy travels!

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