Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What's Up Wednesday ~ July Edition

What we're eating this week............
Monday - chicken tacos
Tuesday - meatloaf, sweet potatoes, & salad
Wednesday - maybe breakfast food tonight?
Thursday - Isabella has plans, so that means probably eating something on the go for the rest of us
Friday - Friends are coming over for dinner, so not sure yet
Saturday - date night out for Avery & I

What I'm reminiscing about..................
I had a great visit with my friend, Heidi, last week.  It was so good to be encouraged and have her here.
What I'm loving................

I am loving having some more projects completed around the house & anticipating the holidays in our home this fall for the first time!

What I'm dreading...................
I am dreading dealing with some medical insurance/bills this week. Other than that, the closest thing that I can say I'm dreading is putting my girls on a plane this weekend.  I am actually not dreading it, but I will miss them!!

What I'm working on..................
School planning - This is one of my goals next week is to have a day retreat to plan school this semester.

What I'm excited about...................
My friend Gardner may have her baby this week or next! And I'm ready for the routine of school, as simple as that is for us.

What I'm watching/reading....................
Monday night Bachelorette, but we've missed the past 2 because life has happened and I have chosen the more important priority.

What I'm listening to...................
Currently, I am listening to the quiet, morning sounds of living in nature.  

What I'm wearing...................
I am trying to stay cool these days in the heat, but still short sleeve shirts and pants every day! (I usually only wear shorts when I am at home).

What I'm doing this weekend...............
I plan on some organization at the house (closets, filing cabinet, etc.) & dinner out with Avery.  Plus, it is tax free shopping in Tennessee, so I need a few school supplies.

What I'm looking forward to next month..................
Even as a homeschool mom, I am looking forward to the beginning of a new school year!

What else is new.................
We are hoping Brook feels better today.  She has been sick with a fever this week. Avery & I will have a week to ourselves, so he has work, I have some projects I would like to do at home & spend some time with friends. We also hope to go out a few times by ourselves and with others. And another random new thing, I have a few new pair of pants, thanks to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  I look forward to a little cooler weather to enjoy these items.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday ~ What's On Your Phone

I have actually missed some of the last Show & Tell Tuesday posts, but today I am participating and we are talking about What's on your phone ~ Your most helpful/best apps.

So first, I have all the normals that I use every day:

  • Mail 
  • Calendar
  • Maps
  • Weather
  • Safari
  • Notes
  • Pinterest (I check this for recipes)
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Photos
  • Netflix (I only use this occasionally on my phone)
  • Message & What's App (I use this to text with friends in Bogota)
  • Clock
  • Calculator
Whoo, that's a lot of normals!

Then I have my shopping apps:

Walmart app:  I often use this even when I'm in another store.  For instance, when I am grocery shopping in Kroger, I will sometimes type in the item in my Walmart app to see if it is cheaper there.

Kroger app:  When I am in Kroger, I will use this app for additional coupons on my order.

Amazon app: I often use this to shop prices on things as well.  One example was one day I was looking for something in WalMart & couldn't find it, so I pulled up the Amazon app & actually ordered the product from Amazon while I was standing in Walmart.  2 days later the product arrived at my door with free shipping with my Prime membership!!

Domino's app:  I order our pizzas on this app.  It remembers our past orders, I accumulate points, and it tracks our pizza once we order one.  Once, I ordered pizza as we left church and it was delivered a few minutes after we arrived home :).  

I also have a few other restaurant and shopping apps I use for coupons:
  • Michaels
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Smoothie King
  • Target & Cartwheel

A few other apps I use frequently:

Every Dollar app:  This is a newer one for me.  It is basically an online budgeting app.

You record your purchases to try to stay on budget and not overspend. This is my first month using it and I realize how much I under estimate our grocery budget.
Bank of America app:  I use this app to deposit checks and check our bank balance. 

Nest app:  Nest is our thermostat.  I can control the temperature of our house while I'm away or even from my bed :) 

First 5 app: This is a daily devotion I read. 

I have several games on my phone:
  • Sudoku
  • Solitare
  • Magic Puzzles  

Magic Puzzles app:  I have always liked doing puzzles and now I do one a day ( or most days!).  You can download a monthly one a day puzzle to complete.

So I have more random things on my phone I use, but these are the highlights.  Once Isabella begins driving alone, my new favorite will be a tracking app of where she is :).

Hope I learn of a few more fun apps after reading others entries on this topic!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday mid-morning! 

Here's a recap of my you know I had a friend in town for the weekend.  It was great having one of my best friends, Heidi, in town from North Carolina.  We spent one day of her visit relaxing, but then spent one day visiting some Memphis sights.

We started at Graceland....where all good things begin in Memphis :)

Then I showed her Martyr's Park and the new Big River Crossing, but it was too hot to walk across the bridge. We then rode by the Civil Rights Museum, another great museum in Memphis.

We ate lunch at the Arcade, which is the oldest restaurant in Memphis.

We walked down Beale Street.

We visited the Schwab store, which is the oldest store in Memphis. 

Then we visited the South's grand hotel, The Peabody and saw the famous Peabody ducks, a Memphis tradition for over 80 years.

We visited the rooftop, oh, and Isabella spent the day with us too!

Saturday came and it was a shout out to this little royal cutie who turned 4....future king!

Saturday morning, Heidi and I met her daughter for breakfast and I had Belgium sliders....basically Belgian waffles with eggs and bacon in between!

Heidi, Brook and I went to an International Market and Brook and I laughed at all the Colombian goodies.

like these Christmas cookies....

and these drinks we use to see at every event we ever attended in Colombia.

This was our purchase.  I will photograph them after we make them.

Saturday night, we met Larry for dinner at Overton Square.

We ate at Babalus, which has such good food.

Heidi brought us some chocolate from Trader Joe's since we don't have one here, and it has all been good.

I have been at the airport a few times this month, and will have one more visit there Friday.  It is a new feeling to go there and not be flying to another continent for moths.

This time, we surprised my dad who flew back home from working in Saudi Arabia.  This is the perfect surprise picture!!!

Then on the way home, Isabella drove home ON THE INTERSTATE for the first time....and it started raining, so she got some good driving experience!

Stay cool in the Monday heat!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites

Monday night, I went out with Ashley and 2 other ladies to celebrate Ashley's wedding anniversary.  It was good food and fun company.  Tuesday night, Avery and I were able to go to dinner with a couple from church we hadn't spent time with yet, so that was very nice.

Brook had an afternoon date with her Jr. High intern from church that she loves so much.  
And even though she straightens it sometimes, Brook's curls are so pretty!

I received my Nordstrom anniversary sale goodies this week!
I am still looking at some more items, but I think I am done buying. #selfcontrol

Our backsplash is finished behind our cooktop!  Now, we will add a shelf at some point and finish painting the walls. Yay!

I had a lunch date with my sister and Mom this week at a new chicken salad place, which was so cute!

My friend, Heidi, is in town and so of course we went to get frozen yogurt.  This is a picture of Brook's creation.

Happy Friday!

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