Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back to Bogota

This week we have begun the process of obtaining Colombian ID's, which they call cedulas.  This is a very important card.  You need it to use a credit card to pay for something.  You need it to secure housing, or anything related to that (utilities, cable, telephone, etc.).

The first step to obtaining a cedula is to have your blood work done.  This was the first time for the girls to have their blood drawn.  Overall, they did good. Isabella didn't scream, but we did see lots of tears for the first time since we've been here.

This is where we had the blood work done.  

Our scared faces before, except Avery.  He was braver than the rest of us!

We then had to get pictures made at a photo booth in a store at the mall.  Our dear friends, the Jesch's went with us to help us & translate.  We had a good lunch with them & appreciate their friendship so much.  It has been really sweet so far & they were a huge help before we even arrived.  Here is a picture of us with them after church Sunday.

Brook, Me, Esta, Mateo, Matt, Avery & Isabella

Tuesday, we went to pick up our blood work then headed to the Immigration Services office closer to downtown to actually apply for our cedulas. Another couple, one of our leaders, helped us here.  

Thankfully, it all went smooth & we have numbers now!

views of the mountains

The store you see to the left is a grocery store.  They have these all over the city.  Or well, the few areas I've been in anyway.  

We were walking here to find a place for lunch.  We need our water bottles with all the walking & sometimes the sun gets really hot, although the temperature is not.  Kind of strange!

We are going to house sit for the Jesch's this weekend. It will be nice to have some space on our own for a few days.  

This is the beautiful path to their door.

And this is where we will be for the weekend.

This is how we are sleeping now.  To the left, you see Brook & Isabella on the floor on a mattress.  Next to it, is the bed for Avery & I.  As you see, I step out of bed onto Isabella's mattress.  And stuff is pretty much everywhere.  I'd say we are ready for a little more space!  Overall, all is still good here with us & we are thankful to be staying healthy & for the hospitality we've been shown.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Leaving Memphis

Before I share some pictures of our goodbyes with friends, just wanted to let you know there are 2 other blogs about our journey in Bogota. One of course is and the second one is Isabella's blog

Last Monday in Memphis, both the girls had surprise going away parties.  Brook thought she was just going to dinner at a friend's house.  Some other friends were there & they all made pizza & went to Jerry's Sno Cones, a Memphis favorite.

And Isabella thought she was attending a craft night with her small group.  There was a large group of her friends there to surprise her.  They ate Chick-Fil-A, & had an open mic share time.  It was very sweet.

Isabella is being attacked by her friends yelling surprise! 

Yummy cookie cake for Isabella (with her Jr. High Director)

Sweet prayer for Isabella

So thankful she has this great group of girls from church.

Tuesday night, a large group from church gathered at Central BBQ to say goodbye to our family. Many people came & we were honored. Unfortunately, Avery & I had not felt good that day.  About an hour & a half into the time, I was sitting down with my eyes closed & head on the table.  After being told by several how pale I looked, & I knew I didn't feel good, I went home.

Thankfully, we felt better on Wednesday because there was so much to do.  The Ottinger girls came over to tell us goodbye.  Well, we really tried to just say so long.

And then Wednesday night, we had a time of prayer at church.  One of Isabella's friends had her breathe into a jar so they would always have her breath!!  These girls!!

We felt very loved & supported by our friends. These will be great memories to help us get through our time in Bogota.  Still can't believe I'm here.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day to Bogota

If you know my blogging style, I usually like to blog in chronological order, but things are changing!

I am blogging from Bogota, Colombia now.  Change number one.  Change number two, posting on a Saturday because I don't know what Monday morning holds!

We had several going away activities our last week in Memphis, but those I will write about later. I am skipping a day or two ahead to our day of departure.

First of all, goodbyes are hard & not fun.  I am glad to get that part behind me.

Morning of departure Mother/Daughter photo

My sweet sister stopped by on her way to work.  Sure am going to miss her terribly.

She gave me some jelly beans though for a snack, which the Starburst Easter kind is my favorite.

She snuggled up with the girls to tell them goodbye
(The girls & I spent the night with my parents our last night).

Grandparents & the girls

Me & my parents
I am looking forward to them coming to see us here in Bogota!

Then we checked in 27 bags.  This is most of them.  No, this doesn't count what we took on the plane.  It took about an hour to check in, but they were so helpful.

We flew to Atlanta first, & got lunch at Chick Fil A.  It will be a while before we get this again!

Wow, we actually were at our gate, boarding for Bogota.

I noticed Brook had written Bogota on her wrist :)

Of course I got yogurt in the airport.  That is our plane in the background.
(I've already found frozen yogurt here though :)).

Isabella & Avery on the plane.
Can you spot Brook in the picture?? 

I listened to some music on the plane & also did some spanish lessons.  I thought it was only fitting to listen to "Memphis Lives in Me", even though I really didn't know this song.

This was our flight tracker.

This was a pretty view as the sun was setting over Cuba.

Brook read a style magazine.  Isabella was behind  her reading a Princess Kate magazine! 

We arrived in Bogota & this is a picture of us at baggage claim.  Our good friends here who we visited 4 years ago came to the airport, along with 2 of our leaders, & took this picture.  It is hard to see us, but Isabella has the peach backpack.  

And this is our view out the window of the room where we are staying.  See the mountains?? I don't think I will get tired of that view.  We are staying with a fellow missionary family.   Today, Saturday, we are spending the day with another missionary family. The week ahead will be busy getting Colombian documents & begin looking for housing.  With 27 plus bags everywhere, this gives us even greater motivation to find a place & settle.  Thank you for your prayers!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Precious People

There are some precious people we've been blessed to know in Memphis.  One thing that is very dear to my heart is going to visit my sister each week & her classroom.  Every week, the girls & I volunteer in my sister's classroom.  She is a teacher in Memphis & the best one hands down.  These children are all special to us & it has been so great for the girls to have this experience.  I can't show their pictures, but they are precious.  Just take my word for it.  On our last day there, they had a little party for us & a gift.  We will miss them, but look forward to keeping in touch with them as well.

We will miss the people in this place.

My sister & I

My sweet going away canvas they all signed!

We were blessed in Memphis to have precious neighbors.  These neighbors in the picture below have been like grandparents to us & great-grandparents to our girls.  We sure love them & will miss sweet time with them.  

We attended the annual Easter Eve concert at Levitt Shell in Memphis.  This is always one of the funnest nights of the year....listening to good music & seeing friends.  For me, it is one of those situations where worlds collide of people I know from all different areas of my life.  Here a few snapshots:

Isabella went to the concert with 2 sisters who have been sweet to invest in her.

Me & her & her kiddos :)

Me & Lori, who graciously hosted our family at the concert

Isabella with her group
(& her orthodontist is in the background who is a friend of ours too :))

Ellie & Isabella

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