Wednesday, February 27, 2019

What's Up Wednesday ~ February 2019 Edition

It is good to be back to blogging this week and today I am linking up for What's Up Wednesday.

What we're eating this week......
Monday-Slow cooker fajitas
Tuesday-Back Yard Burger

What I'm reminiscing about..........
We lived in Bogota, Colombia for 3 years as missionaries.  This has been on mind lately as a few people from our church, including my husband and daughter, are returning there soon for a mission trip. We also recently had some pastors from the UK speak at our church, and it was so intriguing for me to hear how they do church planting.  We loved the British theme!

Our family in Colombia with our language teacher

What I'm loving.............
As a parent of two teenage girls, I am loving one on one time with my girls as my time with them at home is short.  Where did the time go?  I am treasuring this more and more.  I also treasure any time I get to see my greats :).

What we've been up to..............
Work, work, and more work!  As evidence with my week long break from blogging, I have been very busy with work and then just trying to keep things going at home too.  All the winter weather last week in the Northeast, along with a smaller staff and lots of groups made for a busy week for this travel agent.  I acquired lots of drinks at my desk by Friday!

What I'm dreading.............
Nothing huge at the moment

What I'm working on..............
I have been working on little organization projects around the house.  One thing I did was order these hooks to use for measuring cups inside a kitchen cabinet.

My other exciting project is another Elfa closet organizer for a hall closet.  I bought this set last year for our pantry door and am still such a fan.  I bought one this year and like it just as much!

What I'm excited about..........
I have a few days off next month and it will be nice to have a little break from work.

What I'm watching............
I am watching this season's Bachelor, The Voice (we always enjoy the auditions), and the new season of When Calls the Heart started this past Sunday!  As a family, we watch clips of Jimmy Fallon on You Tube and Blackish.

What I'm listening to..............
My recent podcasts are:  Focus on the Family parenting podcast
Risen Motherhood
The Proverbs 31 Ministries
and of course, my favorite, A New Beginning by Greg Laurie

What I'm wearing..............
It seems like most days, I am wearing my rain boots these days!  The winter season isn't over yet, so I am still wearing leggings/jeans with sweaters and tunics most days.

What I'm doing this weekend..............
My in-laws are coming to visit this weekend and we are going to see a few high school plays.

What I'm looking forward to next month...............
I have a quick trip planned and am looking forward to the getaway.

What else is new...........
It is an ongoing adventure keeping up with things to do for a high school homeschool graduation and also preparing for all the things before college for our daughter.  It is exciting and definitely a new thing around our house.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tuesday Talk ~ Painting Projects

Today, I am linking up with Erika for Tuesday Talk and talking about my latest painting projects.

Last year, I discovered Valspar furniture paint and haven't looked back.  My projects last year were a dresser, desk and a bathroom vanity.
Before:  Dresser
 Guest room desk
Before :  Bathroom vanity

Now to my latest projects....

Before: End table/Bedside table
Before:  Entry way table
I am still so pleased with how these pieces of furniture turned out and now I am just refraining from painting everything I can this color!  Honestly, I think I am done for now.  This paint is so easy to use and does not require priming or sanding, which makes it so easy.  I have used 3 coats of paint on each piece and let it dry for 24 hours between each coat, so this is not a one day project,  but yet still very doable.  You can have this paint matched to whatever color you choose.

Hope this inspires you to do some painting of furniture and not be intimidated by it!!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Weekend Wrap Up ~ Valentine Recap

It was a quieter than usual weekend for us because our girls were out of town and we stayed pretty lazy.  I did go visit family on Saturday, which was fun to see my parents, sister, nieces, and my greats.

Our big event was a belated Valentine's Day brunch at the Peabody Hotel. Our actual Valentines night consisted of mexican food take out this year.  Avery and I enjoyed our downtown date Sunday.

My girls are 14 and 18 now, but here is a fun Valentine throwback photo:
Here are Valentine cards I gave to my family :) 
 And my sweetest, littlest loves...
And then our Sunday brunch...
This was breakfast.... 
And this was lunch about 10 minutes later... 
Followed by dessert 15 minutes later...
This is just part of the dessert table by the way. 
 Dessert plate sampler
 My favorite
The food and company were great and is always fun to be downtown for a little bit.

Happy Monday and President's Day!
(School and work are in session for this family today).

Monday, February 11, 2019

3 Things ~ February 2019

It is another rainy Monday after a cold weekend.  I think I am ready for spring.  
Today, I am linking up with The Horton Family and sharing 3 things.  

1.  I have planned a post Valentine date with my husband for next weekend.  I hope I show love in little ways throughout the week to my family.  I was able to communicate with some old friends over the weekend because I've missed them, so hope that communicated love to them as well.

One little way I was shown love recently was from my daughter.  As silly as this may seem, she knows I love that icing from Nothing Bundt Cakes, so after she had a cupcake last week, she saved me the container so I could finish off the icing!

2.  This verse:

And this song:  "Not Today", by Hillsong United

3.  The quality I most admire in other is honesty.  Disappointment is hard, but it is harder when it comes from a place of dishonesty.  However, I don't think we should say everything we feel/think either.  In other words, I think filters are good to have and sensitivity before we speak to other people.  Clear as mud??
Other qualities I admire are faithfulness, forgiveness, laughter, and flexibility.  

Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday Favorites ~ February 8, 2019

Happy Friday!  I am back linking up for Friday Favorites!
1. Super Bowl Food

We weren't hugely invested in the Super Bowl this year, but any excuse for snacking, we are on board!  Basically, we had chicken strips, chips, salsa, guacamole and grapes for our meal, with cookies and ice cream for dessert.

2.  Isabella's 18th Birthday

We celebrated Isabella's 18th birthday this week with a dinner with our framily that night. 
And I was thankful to work from home this day to be there with her. This was my set up!

3.  I shared my Valentine decor here .

4.  Measuring cups organization

I was so excited for this simple organization this week.  I ordered these hooks from Amazon to use inside a kitchen cabinet door to organize my measuring cups.  This helped to free up so much space in one of my kitchen drawers!   

5.  New bracelet

I was so excited to win this bracelet from fellow blogger, Kelsey Peacock.  The colors are beautiful and I really am impressed with the quality. It pairs well with my other bracelets I like to wear as well.

That's it for today! Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Valentine Decor 2019

Today, I am linking up with the Share Your blog.
I do love decorating for the holidays and it was fun to change out decor for Valentine's Day.  Today, I am sharing some Valentine Day home decor with you.
Our front door sign
I added some kitchen towels and some pink heart bowls to my tiered tray.  I'm still enjoying my wreath with red berries for another month! 
To our den, I added our "Love you more" pillow and a red candle. 
I love to add some hearts to the base of my candle holder I got years ago from Pottery Barn outlet! 
I added this to my mantle and really like it.  Of course I am loving the lights, and the best part about the sign is that it came from the Dollar Tree.
Our kitchen table
I ordered these new place mats from Amazon and they are the perfect subtle touch of red we can use through the spring. 
My garland I have hanging is old Valentine cards I received as a child from family memories.  Very simple, but special :)

Happy Friday Eve!!

Weekend Wrap-Up / Fall Decor ~ September 20, 2021

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