Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What's Up Wednesday ~ August Edition

Hey y'all!  It's that time for the What's Up Wednesday post, which I love doing each month.  It is for sure my re-cap of the month these days :).

What we're eating this week..........
Monday - Chicken alfredo pasta
Tuesday - chicken fingers and tater tots from Trader Joe's
Wednesday - church
Thursday - slow cooker King Ranch Chicken
Friday - fundraiser event
Saturday - out for hamburgers

What I'm reminiscing about......
I officially have a college student and we moved her in a few weeks ago.  Move in weekend was actually very smooth.  It hasn't been all smooth since then, but overall good.  
Brook drew this sweet picture of she and Isabella when they were kids as a going away present before she left. 
This is one car packed.  We drove 2 cars packed with stuff! 
Breakfast on move-in day
Dorm rooms have a come a long way in 31 years....this one has a full kitchen! 
Her bedroom 
Saying so long...before some tears were shed
While we were off moving her big sister, Brook stayed in town and got to spend some time with this cute great of mine :)

What I'm loving......
We got a new dishwasher!  When we moved back to the USA 2 1/2 years ago, I swore I would get all new appliances.  Well, other things took priority and it has been a slow process.  The dishwasher that came with our house had not been working well for a few months.  We finally bought a new one and I am so thankful.
What we've been up to..........
August was a month of transitions for our family. My husband started a new job, I began working from home 3 days a week (& I still go in the office the other 2), my oldest daughter started college (so we facetime a lot these days) and my youngest daughter started the new school year.  
This was after the first day of class, so her first day of college photo :)
First day for my youngest

What I'm dreading........
The first thing that comes to my mind is heat for another month.  Oh, please let it begin to cool down soon!

What I'm working on..........
I am working on just a few little things like cleaning out drawers/cabinets in our house, planning a meal for our Sunday School class to serve to a local college ministry, thinking ahead of small trips this fall, and the normal stuff like home and work.

What I'm excited about.......
Our daughter is coming home from college this weekend!!!
One of many facetime pictures!

What I'm reading/watching........
The newest show I've added this month is Cash Pad.  It features JoJo and Jordan from the Bachelorette who remodel random spaces to rent as an Air BNB.  

What I'm listening to.........
I am not watching Bachelor in Paradise this season, but I have listened to a podcast on an episode and that was enough this season!  I have been listening to some random music lately, but nothing in particular.

What I'm wearing.........
I am basically wearing jeans and a top to work these days and days I am home, I could be found in lounge pants and a t-shirt :).

What I'm doing this weekend........
We are attending a fundraiser, going to a college football game, and enjoying a long weekend with our family since our daughter will be home.

What I'm looking forward to next month........
September brings the official beginning of fall, so even if the temperatures don't show it, mentally, it is still a good thing!

I am also looking forward to a weekend trip we will take to visit our college girl, which includes a day off work for me...Yay!

What else is new..........
3 random things from this month..
I made brisket for the first time, which turned out so tender and delicious!  I bought it at Trader Joe's and basically just followed the instructions exactly on the package.  I covered the meat with chicken broth and baked in a pot for several hours.  Yum!

We went to see Jim Gaffigan, who is one of our favorites, and as you would guess, he is hilarious.  It was fun to finally see him in person after watching all of his specials.  

Back to food, we went to a Japanese steakhouse last weekend.  We have wanted to do that with our youngest for a while now.  We declared it her back to school celebration and it was a fun experience.  We had soo much food and it was very good and fun to see it cooked before your eyes.
Underneath the first plate of veggies on the bottom shelf, was a plate of rice, noodles, then a plate of meat. 

We made it through August! September and fall are coming!!!
Thanks for reading and have a great Wednesday!

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