Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Full with friendships

We have been traveling again, & therefore, took a break from blogging. But I am back with full of friendships & pictures too!

The long awaited mystery of Megabus is now behind me. The girls & I took it to Atlanta & had a great experience. We rented a car there & drove to Greenville, SC...to spend the weekend with the Greens! It was great to be with them again. We went downtown to the falls & the kids loved seeing the stone soldier. I am so thankful for this family's friendship & influence on us.

The girls & I then drove to Charlotte to spend a few nights with my in-laws. It was a great visit. Papaw gave the girls a lesson of driving the golf cart. While there, I also was able to spend 5 hours with another of one of my dearest friends. Thanks to my mother-in-law for giving me a break to do this. My heart tank was full with seeing 2 of my closest friends in a matter of days.

We continued our vacation in the Smoky Mountains, but more about that in the next blog. ( On a side note, I can't write captions under pictures until I get my keyboard fixed)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Camp

Our family went to camp for the first time with our church.  They have been going to this camp for 45 years! We had heard such great things about it, so we were excited about going, even if they didn't have air conditioning!  The weather was actually really nice.  It was in northern Alabama, and the temperatures were cooler than Memphis.  We still got hot during the day because we were outside doing activities, but our cabins stayed cool at night, thankfully.  I was in a cabin with Brook, and 6 other 1st & 2nd graders. Avery was in a cabin with other men & he helped lead some activities & in lots of other ways too during the week.  Isabella was in a cabin with other 6th graders & her counselor. The week was busy, yet good.  It was fun to get to know people, which along with watching my girls have their first camp experience, were my favorite things.

We rode on chartered buses to camp, about a 5 hour drive from Memphis

Brook didn't feel well the first night & was the first one asleep.  Thankfully, she is such a good sleeper :)

Ready for worship the next morning

Isabella in her cabin

My campers

Brook on her horse, who later bucked her off...but she got back on, a different horse, that is

fishing on the dock

luau night

Climbing...not her favorite thing, but she tried

Isabella with Jr. High friends

Father daughter at snack time

and visiting at the Falls

Brook with one of her favorite people at camp

Brook tried tennis for the first time

and archery

A new friend from Palmer Home

Sweet Palmer Home girl

Isabella with Avery on the playfield


Isabella with her counselor & Jr. High intern

Celebrating Christmas in July at camp

Weekend Wrap-Up / Fall Decor ~ September 20, 2021

 Good Monday morning.  Life has been tough lately and is winning over my blogging time these days.  But, today, I am sharing some highlights...