Thursday, March 26, 2020

Monthly Musings ~ March 2020

Happy Thursday!  For us, this is day 12 of social distancing/self isolating.  Today, I am linking up for the Monthly Musings of Spring Holidays and Decorating.
1.  Yes, my decorating for Easter and Spring is the same.

2.  In addition to Spring, I like to decorate for St. Patrick's Day also.

3.  Spring traditions when my girls were younger were dying Easter eggs.  Then and now, we usually  get a new outfit for Easter Sunday.

4.  I like to have deviled eggs for Easter and strawberry or lemon treats.  One of my favorite desserts, which can also be breakfast, lunch or dinner, is strawberry pretzel salad.

5. After Christmas, I have some winter decorations, then go into St. Patrick's Day and Spring/Easter.

6. I do like my greenery in the house, even though these are artificial.  I have one living plant I am trying to nurture inside!

7. Lemonade or any fruit drink is a favorite drink for spring.

8. hard feelings there.  It is a happy color.  I don't wear it in clothing, but love the touches during the season.

9.  My favorite spring flowers are stargazer lily and tulips.

10.  We have daffodils blooming in our area.  Even though we have had March snow in the past, I think that time has passed for us now since the weather is going to be 80 degrees today!  Here is a picture from a March snow 12 years ago :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What's Up Wednesday ~ March 2020

Welcome to the March Edition of What's Up Wednesday!

What we're eating this week.....
Monday - pork roast, cauliflower rice w/onions and peppers, biscuits, green beans
Tuesday - waffles, fruit, eggs, sausage
Wednesday- beef enchiladas/tacos/chips
Thursday - Chicken, hashbrowns, broccoli
Friday - frozen pizza

What I'm reminiscing about.......
Seeing people :)  The last interaction we had with people intentionally was with my greats and a meal with my parents, a week and a half ago.

What I'm loving......
Simple time at home spent with family....some nights are spent doing our own thing, but there has been a game night, movie night, karaoke, walks and working puzzles too.

What we've been up to.....
We moved our oldest out of college this past weekend since all of her classes will now be online.  It was bittersweet.  
It was so sad to see how the hotel industry has been affected too.  Anything that multiple hands could touch was off limits, like the normal complimentary coffee and hot water station.  The pool and gym were closed. 
Breakfast was a few snacks they gave you behind the counter.  There was no housekeeping during the stay.  I found myself praying for hotel employees as I passed by hotels on the interstate on the drive home.
Thankfully, we got all her stuff in the vehicle! 

What I'm dreading....
Right now, this slow economy which is affecting the travel industry.  I am a travel agent and still have a job for now.  Asking for prayers that my job stays in tact, even though hours have already been cut.  One day this summer or fall, I'm sure it will be so busy again reissuing all these tickets we have had to cancel!

What I'm working on..........
I took down my St. Patrick's Day decor last week.  Since I hadn't posted it, here are some photos:

What I'm excited about........
A few weeks ago I got an air fryer and I really like it.  I have used it several times a week.  So far, my favorites I have made using it are chicken, roasted carrots, and french fries.

What I'm watching/reading.......
I am still basically watching my same shows.....Survivor, When Calls the Heart, When Hope Calls, Pioneer Woman and Live with Kelly and Ryan.  I am also enjoying the new Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show segments he is doing from home on You Tube.

What I'm listening to......
I am listening to these podcasts:  The Office Ladies, Whoa That's Good, Proverbs 31, The Big Boo

What I'm wearing......
Pajamas or leggings

What I'm doing this weekend........
More of the same, which is staying at home!  I hope to maybe be a little more productive on the weekend.  I am not getting too much done so far during the week, but that's okay.  Normally the weekend is when I am more productive anyway.

What I'm looking forward to next month.......
Hopefully seeing people, but not so sure about that.  It could be May.  However, I am hopeful to at least see some family and a friend next month.  But if not, we will continue to do our part and stay inside, except for the grocery store.

What else is new.....
Well, this was certainly a first for me....I decorated for spring last weekend while watching a Hallmark Christmas movie! In case you didn't see/hear, Hallmark played Christmas movies last weekend to bring cheer.  Sunday night, we enjoyed a fire on the cool evening.  I will post my spring pictures on another post soon.

For some laughter, social distance activities we have been up to and encouragement during these days, you can read yesterday's post here.

In the words of Donny & Marie's closing song from their TV show in the 70's.....

"May tomorrow be a perfect day.  May you find love and laughter along the way.  May God keep you in His tender care till He brings us together again.  Goodnight everybody!"  Or in this case, have a good day everybody!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday Talk ~ Social Distancing

I am linking up today with Tuesday Talk. The talk of the town these days is Stay at Home/ Social Distancing/ Flattening the Curve....just to name a few.

So today, this is my Tuesday Talk.  I am sharing some humor, social distancing activities and encouragement.

Laughter is one thing that has helped me throughout all of these new days we are living now.  All of these below are some I have seen on social media and are just a sampling of some funny stuff out there.  As a former homeschool mom, I am loving these homeschool memes, ha!

Weekend before last when we began our social distancing, we went to a local state park.
We took a canoe ride in our local lake.  
And a few more reflective thoughts... 
I am a travel agent.  To say our industry is hurting would be an understatement.  Either you have lost your job or hours have been cut.
Think on this as we stay inside...We toured her home when in Amsterdam 6 years ago so I can still visualize this space. 
In case you haven't seen these facts above, I found this to be helpful. 
And I have always loved this saying from The Office, but this seems even truer now.  

I will close with a few encouraging words I read tonight from Psalm 46:

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear though the earth gives way....The nations rage, the kingdoms totter, he utters his voice, the earth melts.  The Lord of hosts is with us;  The God of Jacob is our fortress.....Be still, and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.  The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress."

Thanks for reading and stay well friends!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

10 on the 10th

Good morning!  Today, I am sharing 10 on the 10th  linking up with Once Upon a Time Happily Ever  After with some questions about Spring
1.  As a child, I don't remember taking spring break trips, but am sure I always enjoyed the week off school.  My family went on a big summer vacation each year, but I don't have specific memories of a spring break trip.  Easter was always a special time as a family.  We would get a new dress and usually a pair of white shoes for Easter Sunday.  We would have an Easter Egg hunt, get a basket with some candy and enjoy Easter with our family.

2.  I would not say I spring clean.  I just try to keep up with every day cleaning and organizing, but no deep cleaning.  

3.  Spring weather in the south is very nice.  It is before the bugs and the heat and people are still excited to work in their yards :).

4. I don't have a great green thumb, but I do enjoy working in the yard and planting flowers.  I do okay, but am no expert.

5. I am not a windows open person and really never have been.  If I am inside and it is hot, I would prefer the AC.  My favorite is this time of the year where we can go most days with heat or AC.

6.  Like most holidays, I do enjoy decorating for spring.  I will probably bring out my spring decorations the end of March so I can keep my St. Patrick's Day decor up this month.

7. It is rare that I wear a swimsuit or shorts, even in the summer.  I should still get ready, but basically, I always need to eat healthier, but the goal isn't necessarily for summer weather.

8. I keep my current season's clothes in my closet for the most part and keep some off season clothes in our guest bedroom closet.  I do have a few things that overlap through both seasons.

9. My go to spring uniform is a t-shirt/top with jeans.  I sure miss my boots in the spring and summer.

10. I do enjoy a nice walk on a pretty day and a walk to our neighborhood lake.  We even enjoyed the pretty weekend weather and took our canoe out on the lake on Sunday!

Happy Tuesday!

Weekend Wrap-Up / Fall Decor ~ September 20, 2021

 Good Monday morning.  Life has been tough lately and is winning over my blogging time these days.  But, today, I am sharing some highlights...