Thursday, November 30, 2017

This Post Brought to You By the Letter B

From Brussels, Belgium, to the Bowles moving to Bangkok, the Bridges moving to Bogota, and a reunion in Birmingham, this post is sponsored by the letter B!

Just a recap for you......we met John & Julie Bowles in September 2013 at a missionary training. We met again in Brussels, Belgium in January 2014 where we spent a month together.  We said goodbye in February 2014.  The Bowles moved to Bangkok, we moved to Bogota.  We were reunited for the first time in almost 4 years in Birmingham last weekend.  It was wonderful.  

This is John and Avery in Brugge, Belgium 

John, Julie, me & Avery ~ January 2014

Julie & I Friday night 
John & Julie attended college in Birmingham, so we took a drive through their campus.

Then we went to dinner & it was very good. 

We spent almost 24 hours talking so much, a little about kids and life now, reminisced about living a month in community in Belgium, and talked A LOT about missionary life on the field and transition back to the USA.  It was so great for us to share experiences, good and hard, with people who are interested, asked questions, and understand.  We have found that is a rare thing, but so important for people transitioning back to another country.

John & Julie are planning to return to Bangkok in summer of 2014.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


We are post Thanksgiving and full on into the Christmas season!
Thanksgiving was a good day for our family & I hope you enjoyed yours too.

Avery spent the morning duck hunting, while I watched some Hallmark movies.  I then watched the parade, made some breakfast and the girls and I decorated the Christmas tree.

In the afternoon, we headed to my niece's house to eat with family, & of course, that meant time with my greats!
Isabella & Crawford girl

All my favorite turkeys :)


They received some Christmas books.

Campbell really liked the paper & box, ha!

Then they got their Christmas pajamas.  

Then it was time to get ready for bed.

Holding all our babies

It was a good day with good food & great company.

What's Up Wednesday ~ November Edition

November is one of my favorite months due to the cooler weather, leaves changing colors, my birthday, Thanksgiving, and decorating for Christmas.  But here we are, ready for December 2017!!

What we're eating this week..................
I really should blog this each week just to make me personally accountable for meal planning! I do like to cook, but I sure go through slumps of not cooking, but somehow, we don't miss a meal either.
So, for this week, this is what we are eating (I think) :)
Monday - Central BBQ sandwiches/nachos/salad (I had frozen BBQ leftover in my freezer.)
Tuesday - chicken, potatoes, corn, and salad
Wednesday - church
Thursday - out?
Friday - out?
Saturday - Christmas party

What I'm reminiscing about...............
When I could breathe without being congested.....I have had congestion for a week now & am ready for it to move on so my ears will clear up  too!  

What I'm loving....................
Christmas packages arriving at my door & seeing Christmas lights in yards

What we've been up to..........................
I did a lot of online shopping and am almost finished with Christmas shopping!  I will begin wrapping gifts soon.

What I'm dreading...............................
Having ear pains again like I did this past January, so I am praying my congestion clears up soon. Last night was rough. 

What I'm working on........................
Beginning to prepare for hosting Christmas for my family & planning some visits with some friends on our December trip.

What I'm excited about................................
Our house being decorated for Christmas for the first time!

What I'm watching/reading..............................
All the Hallmark Christmas movies!!!

What I'm listening to........................................
Christmas music

What I'm wearing......................
I am loving wearing my fall wardrobe.......jeans or leggings with boots & scarves.

What I'm doing this weekend............................................
We have our first Christmas party to attend!

What I'm looking forward to next month.................................
Christmas parties, more Christmas movies, trip to North Carolina to see family & friends, & hosting Christmas for my family!

What else is new.........................................
I am normally a good sleeper, and the past week, I haven't slept well or very long due to ear pain.  Nights are long, so unfortunately, lack of sleep is new for me.  If you are up at 3:30, chances are, so am I.  I just can't wait till I can sleep past 5am one day soon.

Monday, November 27, 2017

O Christmas Tree!

Last Wednesday, we went to a local Christmas tree to cut down our Christmas tree.  It has been 4 years since we have had a real tree, so it was fun to do that again.

I know most people would just walk on by, but this is the tree we chose!

This is hard work on a chilly day!

Avery cut off those bottom limbs, then cut  down the whole tree.


This place sold pumpkins in the fall & had painted some Christmas decorations on their pumpkins.  Very creative!

Brook actually had her 4th birthday party here, so it brought back some memories.

Tree tied to the jeep for the ride home

Night 1, the girls helped me put lights on the tree.  Not sure why it made this affect with the picture!

Thanksgiving morning, I pulled out ornaments and the girls & I decorated during the parade.

This was the first ornament :).

We were pleased with the finished look and the tree fit perfectly in this spot!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday Favorites ~ Post Thanksgiving

Welcome to the post holiday Friday Favorites!
For my birthday gift, Avery made me this beautiful mantle.  Since we moved in the house, we talked about him building a mantle to have for the holidays & it is here.  It is perfect & all decorated for Christmas now!

I went out Monday night to celebrate my friend's 40th birthday.
We ate at Flight, which is a unique dining experience, but it was delicious.
Happy birthday Ashley!

Tuesday night, I hosted ladies at my house for a post birthday party for me. I have been wanting to host a night at my house for friends & wanted to have a birthday celebration with friends, so it was a good time to host the event this week.
I didn't take as many photos as I had hoped, but I enjoyed being in the moment!
Sweet group of friends, and a few had left at this point (Jennifer was the photographer for this one.)

I had a goodie bag for each guests to take home by the front door.
I didn't expect it, but it was fun to get some sweet gifts!

We got our Christmas tree this week ( & a post on that next week).

Thanksgiving was filled with some online shopping, Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, a little cooking, and dinner with family. (more pictures coming next week too!)

There are some great Black Friday sales out there & I hope you are getting some deals online while staying comfy at home!  I use to go out early on Black Friday, but it has been a few years now since I've done that & I really don't miss it.  I have enjoyed some online shopping though and am 97% done with all my shopping!!  When Black Friday week rolls around, this is usually what happens....:) 

Say a little prayer these allergies of mine clear, especially the sinus pressure in my ears.  I can't have a repeat of ear trouble like I had last Christmas season and January.  Last night wasn't so good. 

Weekend Wrap-Up / Fall Decor ~ September 20, 2021

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