Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Year in Review

(or otherwise known as picture overload...sorry, not sorry :))
I finished up Christmas vacation with some shopping with my sister then flew back to Bogota.

We traveled to Bucaramanga for a church visit and of course to see Edwin and Laura. 
Surrounded by Colombians 
Edwin and Avery
Avery traveled to Memphis to speak at our church's mission conference. 
Brook representing Guatemala at the school international day. 
Isabella and her arepas! 
Spirit week at school 
Isabella turned 15 and had a quince party. 
Everything was beautiful and so fun! 
Isabella looked beautiful too!
We took a family vacation to Caragena for Spring Break. 
This was my favorite trip we took in Colombia. 
Easter was spent with these dear friends...the Floyds and Edwin. 
The girls and I took a long weekend trip to Miami.  This included a trip to Chick-Fil-A! 
Brook was able to see her cousin there. 
And I had some time with my brother and sister-in-law.
I threw an "Opening Day Baseball Party".
Mother's Day with these 2 special young ladies. 
I was finally able to go on a field trip with Brook! 
Avery and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary for dinner and heard Andres and his mom play with the live band at the restaurant in a beautiful setting in Bogota.
Avery and I saw the Braves and Giants play baseball in Atlanta. 
My sister and I went to Meridian, MS to see Huey Lewis and the News in concert. 
And I got a picture with Huey, my favorite singer! 
Our family went back to Camp Palmer, which we all enjoy. 
My family was able to see the pavilion named after my grandfather.
We hosted the most fun night with some dear friends we met through SOS. 
We went to North Carolina for 4th of July and the girls went tubing. 
July 4th at the fire station....safest place to be!
Eating at Andre Carne de Res, the most famous restaurant in Bogota. 
We came to celebrate the Floyds being in Bogota for one year. 
Brook started 7th grade being homeschooled.
Isabella began 10th grade at a school in Bogota.
We celebrated Avery and Edwin's birthday & Laura came to Bogota and spent the weekend with us. 
We took a team retreat to Villa de Leyva, Colombia. 
And took some Christmas card photos while there!
Brook celebrated her 12th birthday! 
We spent a day with some of our favorite Colombian girls. 
I became a proud great aunt to Campbell! 
Brook and I sneaked away to New York City for a few days to meet up with my parents. 
I had a going away dinner with my dear bible study friends. 
Farewell with our team  
Farewell with Brook's friend and her mom
Last day in Bogota with these favorites
Brook and I moved back to the USA! 
Family welcome home 
We spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina and the cousins had fun together.
Finally our entire family back in the USA together!

We put a contract on this house. 
Christmas Eve 2016

It was a good year.  And like most years, it was filled with some hard times, but also some fun memories were made.  We look forward to our new beginnings in 2017.

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