Wednesday, December 31, 2014

That's a Wrap 2014....

Here we are at the end of another year.  The days are sometimes long, but the weeks, months, & years sure do go by fast.   Thanks for your prayers & keeping up with my online photo journal on this blog with us.  Here is a recap of 2014...(and yes, this is a longer than usual post so get comfortable:).


Our family spent a month in Brussels, Belgium.  Although there were some challenging moments, it was one of the best months of my life.

Weekend in Amsterdam

Day in Ghent

We met our dear Iranian friend & began a love for the Iranian people.

Weekend in Paris

Saying hi to the Mona Lisa with our newly "adopted" daughter! 

We strengthened friendships with these people we love so dearly...The Bowles serving in Bangkok, Thailand & Lauren, serving in Honduras.  Thankfully, we still skype with these friends each month.  They have been such encouragement to us this year.  


Isabella spent her 13th birthday in London.  Here she is with Brook at Buckingham Palace. 

In front of the hospital where baby George was born
I could probably re-blog all of our Europe adventures.  It was wonderful.

Isabella had a belated birthday celebration with these dear friends of hers.  

Our family was commissioned from our church to be sent out to Colombia.  We love our church!


We went to Atlanta & received our Colombian visas!

Brook hosted a hotel party with her closest church friends.

I went to a homeschool conference with friends in Nashville for a fun weekend away.  And I got to meet Josh & Anna Duggar! (we are big fans of 19 Kids & Counting tv show).


This was the month we said so long to friends.  Behind each of these pictures are hard goodbyes.  They are not fun.
This is Carmen & I.  We go way back & I love this sister in Christ.  

Our friends, the Godats

My sweet friend Laura

Lauren, Isabella, & Miller

Lillian & Brook

My sister & I took a night away for a spa in Alabama.

And we stopped by Helen Keller's home.  I was pretty excited to stand by the famous well.

Isabella's sweet friends made her this blanket.

Isabella with friends at the Easter Eve concert at the Levitt Shell

Natalie, Lee, Me & Ashley

 Brook & Maylen

Saying goodbye to our dog, Beckham

Saying goodbye to cousins

Brother & Sister


And parents on the day we left.

The day we moved to Bogota, Colombia...4/24/14. We checked 27 bags.  No, that is not a typo.  And I don't regret bringing one thing.

Last visit to ChickFil A for a while.


Avery & I celebrated 16 years of marriage.  He was so sick our anniversary weekend though.  

Our first outing with Clara in Bogota was to the Botanical Gardens.  

My first Mother's Day in Bogota


We moved into our house.

Colombia played in the World Cup & it was crazy exciting here.

Our fellow missionary friends here, the Jesch family, moved from Bogota & are now living in Guadalajara, Mexico.


We visited a famous Salt Cathedral in Colombia.

Survived our first 4th of July holiday outside the USA

Isabella began tennis lessons.


We all were able to swim for the first time in 2014 finally.

We had our 2 most glorious nights at the Hilton Bogota.

We spent weekends in the park watching kites fly.


Brook started weekly classes at a school here.

Avery celebrated his birthday.


Another highlight of the year...we spent a week in the Dominican Republic at our MTW Latin America retreat with friends we love.  And we got to swim again!

Love, love this couple.  They are dear to us.

This fun girl celebrated double digits in Bogota.

My parents came to visit!!  It was great to have them here.


I celebrated my birthday in Bogota by eating at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Krispy Kreme opened!
This reminds me we need to go here again.

The most exciting thing for the girls & I for sure was a trip back to the USA.  First stop after immigration, Chick Fil A!  We enjoyed every bite of food we had in the states after that too.  It was so good to eat good food in the states!

Target was next on the list :).  We went there multiple times to complete our shopping list.  

Isabella was able to attend a retreat with our church with her group of best friends.  Brook & I got in lots of great friend time too we needed for encouragement.

We all got to spend Thanksgiving & other time with family we love & miss so much.


We moved into a new apartment.  

We spent our first Christmas in Bogota & shared the holiday with Edwin, a Colombian who became part of the family for 24 hours!

Happy New Year to all!
Bring on 2015........

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